Leather is one of the most resistant material has been relied upon in various industries including automobiles, clothing, accessories, furniture, books, and many more. It is believed to be dated way back and has been utilized to date in its best unprocessed and processed form.

We often buy leather articles without even knowing the interesting facts about leather that might not only assist you in knowing this material but also provide some care tips for leather to remain young in its lustrous form.

The Ancient Existence of Leather

existence of leather

It is believed that the leather dates back to 1200 B.C. when the Greeks made use of this substance as garments and sandals. It is also said that it became quite famous in the 3000 B.C. when the Roman Empire used it to make the sails of the boats. In the 4000 B.C. leather made its debut in the fashion industry when the Egyptian ladies started wearing leather to decorate themselves. 

Leather being extremely resistant has to date been in the market and considered as one of the materials that do not tend to lose its charm with time.

The Leather Texture Varies In A Diverse Environment

real leather texture

People who travel a lot have noticed quite a change in the leather texture in different countries with varied climate & aura. If the air is a bit damp in a region you can see the leather becoming softer as compared to its natural smoothness, as it tends to soak moisture in the air which makes it softer.

In dry regions, the leather becomes stiff as compared to the damp environment. Leather is surely considered as one of the most durable substances, but it lasts longer if it is taken care of regularly, you can find the tips of taking care of leather objects below in this very blog.

Average Person Wears 4 Articles Of Leather Each Day

It is believed that an average person who gets ready to head towards his/her workplace while getting dressed they make sure to wear their footwear, belts, watches, and carry their leather laptop bags, wallets, or leather purses. This leads to this fact which claims that at a time a person carries or wears around 4 products carved out of leather. These articles last for a long time, and always upgrade the fashion quotient of the person wearing it. 

Leather Being Eco-Friendly

As the leather is abstracted from animal skin, it is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. Usually, the skin of the deceased animals is utilized to create leather products, which means the leather is one of the most eco-friendly objects we use in our daily lives. 

The Massive Leather Industry Turn-Out

As stated before an average person wears 4 products made out of leather at a time, which contributes to an annual generation of 53.8 Billion US Dollars for the worldwide leather industry.

Adding some intel to this fact, this number keeps on increasing each year, also India stands as one of the top suppliers of leather in the world. 

Here is a list of the countries that produce the most amount of leather:

  1. China
  2. Brazil
  3. Italy
  4. Russia
  5. India
  6. South Korea
  7. Argentina
  8. USA

The Craze Of Handmade Leather Bags Has Been Spreading Like A Wildfire 

Leather has been used in making the fashion accessories for quite some time now, apart from being the most reliable ones the leather accessories are also considered as fashionable and in trend at all times.

It is believed that leather accessories do not go out of fashion at any time. The market is stacked with leather bags which also bear quite some price which can burn a hole in your pockets. Several people trick customers in buying faux leather on the name of handmade top quality leather.

Handmade Leather Bags must be bought from a certified seller who has been in the leather business for a decent time and provides the best quality of product with style. 

Top Grain Leather Is Not Considered As The Top Form Of Leather

Several people are often tricked by the terms related to leather, for instance, top grain leather is not the finest form of leather, it is surely good and is used in various products but it is not considered as the best form of leather. 

Full Grain Leather is the best type of leather, it is not sanded down, or processed thoroughly which makes it the purest form of leather. It is also the smoothest & durable out of other variants of leather.

Also if a salesperson hands you a product claiming it to be made out of 'Genuine Leather', do not think it to be carved out of full-grain leather. Genuine Leather is the lowest kind of leather which is made by coupling various thin leathers or plastic objects with glue and other elements and then is later given an impression of animal skin.

Things To Follow To Take Care Of Your Leather Articles

This is considered as one of the most amazing facts about leather, as following the below-stated instructions can help your leather live longer and maintain its natural shine.

  • Once in a month, you must use a slightly wet cloth to wipe the leather, and then dry it out well by using cotton balls. The drying out process is very crucial as if it's not dried out completely it might backfire and can produce contradictory results.
  • There are leather cleaners and leather conditioners available in the market, make sure to use a leather conditioner on your product every 6 months, and the leather cleaner & then a leather conditioner every 12 months.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind is to clean up the leather product if you wore it in a dusty environment. Also do not over-clean the products this is also one of the reasons for leather to lose its resistance. 

Now that you’ve been through the leather facts you are all set to buy the best quality leather products and take care of the same for them to spread their sparkle for a long time!