Our Materials

We use premium full grain natural tanned leather to make our exclusive handmade bags and accessories, which is the leather that is tanned using non-toxic organic barks and leaves over a period of 30 to 40 days (unlike fast-made low-cost chrome tanned leathers that are harmful to health and environment).

Our leather from a reputable tannery that focuses on sustainable leather production. Vegetable tanned leather has natural color and earthy sweet smell and develops a gorgeous patina with time preserving the story of its owner. W​ith the right care routine,​ it ​also has the ability to heal ​scratches (unlike chrome tanned leathers, which, once scratched, cannot be repaired without re-tanning).

This ability makes vegetable tanned leather products much more durable than any chemically tanned leather goods, and keeps them presentable and rich looking for years.

Our Premium leather goods of MaheTri is made up of 100% pure full-grain leather and we feel proud to say that we supply eco-friendly, sustainable products to the society which are long-lasting in honest price.


Leather Materials

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