What is Real Leather Made Of?

real leather

Many people are usually confused that what is the difference between real and faux leather is. Real leather is made from animal hide, and more commonly cow hide, goat, buffalo and exotic leathers such as snake and alligator are also available. Cow hides are generally known as a byproduct from the meat and dairy industry.

What Is Faux leather Made Of?

faux leather

Faux leather is made from a plastic base and then it is treated with wax or other chemicals which is required to make this leather with its color and texture. It is also known as PU leather (Polyurethane). It is manmade material and only gives the feel of real leather.


A huge selling point for faux leather is its price. It is created on mass production so automatically its price is cheaper than the real leather. And on the other hand real is not produced on that much large scale so its prices are high in compare of the faux leather.


Another major difference between these two is real leather’s durability is much more than faux leather. Real leather can last for years without even getting damaged. But faux leather is not really a durable product also because it is made of chemicals. 


The real Leather is truly unique as terms of hide. No two hides are the same. Cattle leather often features with stretch marks and scars. But this will only add beauty to the real leather. Real leather also has inconsistent pores and marks which makes it unique from the other leather. Faux leather will always look uniform even if it tries to look natural. It can’t get the essence of the real leather.

Timeless Factor:

When you start using a real leather product it becomes more soft and beautiful with the time. Real leather has an authentic characteristic which makes it different from the faux leather. But with the faux leather this factor is not available.  

Luxurious Appearance: 

Real leather looks luxurious it distinguished itself from the faux leather in terms of appearance. However faux leather can also be look good. But it is always up to customers what they want to have.

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